Friday, September 9, 2011

Hidden Party Rooms...!!!!!

Hi! It's w595pink again!!! :D

Well, a lot of girls are asking me how can I find hidden Stardoll Party Rooms!!! I wil say you the way to find out it!! [:

1) Go in "Party Logo" rooms and choose one room
2) If you see the link of the Party Room which you choosed before, in the end there is a number. For example, Pink Party Room has the link
The number 43 in the ebd of the link, is the "key" to find the way for hidden party rooms!!! 
3) Delete the number 43 and write the number 57, 58 or 59
4) You will be directed:

57 ---> Kinect Party Room
58 ---> Justin Bieber Party Room
59 ---> Harajuku Lovers Party Room

Go on gues make a lot of parties!!!!! Byee ;D


Αsimenia said...

wow thnx a lot! I was looking for it! said...

your welcome Asimeniaa!!!!! :DD